The concepts focus on the detoxification of our intestinal, as well as on the optimization of our metabolism and the strengthening of our health that is connected to it.

They are supported by the scientifically tested, organic products of Unicity.

The most profound change will be reached within 90 days.

Through the consultation of your chosen ProsperityTeam member, the concepts will be adjusted to your needs. After 30 days, you decide if and how you want to proceed.

Within 90 days, your body learns a new way to lead your metabolism and experienced a far-reaching cleanse. You will experience a positive change on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The consultation takes place before and during the cleanse. If necessary, we take individual adjustments during the cleanse.

At the end of the cleanse we will inform you how to sustain the newly acquired qualities.

It's all about you and your needs.


Finde zu deiner Balance
Find your balance


Bewusstes Leben


Unterstütze deine Körperleistung
Support and increase your performance

Good Ageing

Gesund im Alter
Healthy with age


Die Arbeit im Network
Working in a network

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