About us

The ProsperityTeam is a network of people that use their know-how, talents and personality with best intentions for the team and the people.

Its our goal to build a wonderful synergy that is profitable for everyone by using the strength of each individual.

Our positive network nurtures and encourages, embodied by our everyday lives in through communication, business, the way we treat people and handle challenges.

We all have decided, to include our healthy concepts in our professional work. With passion we pursue this modern Lifestyle, a lifestyle that contributes positively to our well-being, health and prosperity, while efficiently minimizing social diseases and afflictions.

Welcome to the ProsperityTeam!

Our aim;

-To help people on a global scale with passion and engagement to reach the life they want to live.

-Furthermore, we want to reduce your health care costs by increasing your health and empowering your autonomy.


Our vision;

-Leading clients and partners with clearance and honesty

-Giving Multilevel Network Marketing a new face with a positive reputation


Our fundamentals;

-Leading clients and partners sustainably and passionately

-To succeed as a team

-To do business with a positive outcome for everyone

-To build up trust


We promote

-Detoxification and intestinal health

-Mental health, physical health and emotional health

-Good Ageing

-Minimization of social diseases


-Exercising and fitness

-Self-confidence and self-understanding

-Personality and individuality




-Liveliness and the quality of your life

-Community spirit and team spirit



Please contact us for questions or consultation